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Browse our selection of 100+ jobs across 15 different industries to see free resume examples and writing guides on how to write a job-winning resume for the next step in your career.


Resume Categories

Administration Resume Examples

As someone who works in Administration, you are accustomed to keeping information organized. Use our Administration free resume examples to display your work history and experience effectively.

Business Resume Examples

Killing it in business begins with closing the deal during the hiring process. The first step to accomplishing this is having a stellar resume. Explore our business resume examples to find the right one for you.

Construction & Maintenance Resume Examples

While building is what you know best, building a resume is not the greatest use of your time. Let us help you out with this part so you can get back to what you’re so good at.

Creative Resume Examples

Free and creative thinking is essential in your line of work. Writing a resume requires a more rigid structure and a rote sharing of facts. We’ve done the hard part for you so you can get back to creating.

Customer Service & Retail Resume Examples

Let us help you consolidate all of your customer service experience into a shiny new resume that will get you ready for your next opportunity.

Education & Learning Resume Examples

As an educator, your time is limited and precious, so use one of our education & learning free resume examples to save you some time in your next job search.

Emergency Services Resume Examples

Resume writing isn’t an emergency, but it can certainly feel like one if you don’t know where to start! Our emergency services resumes give you the format and structure to take off writing your own unique document.

Engineering Resume Examples

Your resume is the blueprint of your career history. In these engineering free resume examples, you’ll find the structure you need to land the interview.

Finance Resume Examples

We know you can crunch numbers like nobody’s business, but you’ll need to prove that to the hiring manager too. A great resume is the first step to knocking their socks off.

Food Services Resume Examples

Order up! Your next job opportunity begins with showing off your food service chops. Serve it up hot with a side of excellence.

Healthcare Resume Examples

A resume seems like a trifling matter when compared to saving and improving lives. So let’s get this out of the way so you can continue being the hero that you are.

Information Technology Resume Examples

The devil’s in the details, as your career has taught you well. Resume details matter too, but we’ve got this interface all set up for you–no programming required.

Law Resume Examples

You know all about presenting the evidence, so let your resume be the proof that you are the person for the job. If it pleases the court, that is.

Marketing Resume Examples

A resume is the most important marketing document of your career. With our free resume examples, you can move your advertising genius to the forefront and land that new job.

Management Resume Examples

Part of being a great leader is leading by example. Show that you are an effective and powerful leader by showcasing your skills and accomplishments on your resume.