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Our Editorial Process at Big Interview

At Big Interview, we understand that the landscape of job hunting is constantly evolving and, hence, we strive to provide you with advice that’s not just the most accurate, but also science-backed and expert-approved.

Reliable, Science-Backed Information Only

At Big Interview, all information we reference and data we cite, comes from authoritative sources and is grounded in verifiable statistics or peer-reviewed scientific papers. We take pride in providing information that meets the most stringent scientific standards, coupling it with actionable, concrete advice. Our mantra: if you can’t verify it, it’s not on our site.

Editorial Standards

Every article published on Big Interview undergoes a double editorial round, carried out by experienced editors specializing in career advice. We aim to provide factually accurate and actionable content — and make it fun for our readers! No assumptions, no unchecked facts, and no dull reads.

Expert Fact-Checking

We have a duet of fact-checkers in Pamela Skillings and Michael Tomaszewski who go through every piece we produce.

Pamela is America’s leading career coach with 15+ years of experience helping her clients land jobs at companies like Disney, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft — named, “a guru in the world of interviews,” by The Wall Street Journal.

Michael is PARWCC™-Certified Professional Resume Writer and Career Coach and a career advice author since 2017. Millions of people read his advice every month.

Intertwining their expertise with our editorial process, we add an extra layer of accuracy and credibility to every publication.

Trained Team of Writers

All writers at Big Interview have undergone intensive training in career coaching, interviewing, resume writing, and conducting scientific research. The aim is to build an unshakable foundation of factual correctness and readability in our articles, to provide our readers with nothing but premium content.

Our Mission at Big Interview

We don’t just run a website. At Big Interview, we’re on a mission to make high-quality, reliable career advice accessible to jobseekers from all walks of life.

We’re here to combat the sea of outdated, harmful, or simply incorrect advice pumped out by self-proclaimed internet gurus. We’re here to empower you with science-backed and expert-verified advice you can bank on. Big Interview isn’t just about better advice — we’re about making careers you can be proud of.