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Top 10 Tech Companies Hiring Now in California

Are you searching for a job in tech? More specifically, are you searching for a job in tech-based in the Golden State? You’ve come to the right place!
Top 10 Tech Companies Hiring Now in California

Below we have compiled a list of the top 10 tech companies hiring now in California to make your search for jobs in California easier and less daunting.

1. Apple

Apple, a tech giant well known to everyone, specializing in electronics, computer software, and online services has 3,122 job openings in California at the moment.

Careers at Apple are organized into 10 neat teams, each corresponding to a respective field in which you can search for a job.

  1. Machine Learning and AI
  2. Hardware
  3. Software and Services
  4. Design
  5. Operations and Supply Chain
  6. Marketing
  7. Corporate Functions
  8. Sales and Business Development
  9. Apple Retail
  10. Support and Service

The majority of the job openings in California at Apple are, understandably, within Hardware and Software Services, so if your main line of work and expertise falls within this field, there are plenty of job opportunities to apply for at Apple.

Job openings in Hardware and Software Services are closely followed by vacancies in Corporate Functions, Operations and Supply Chain, Machine Learning and AI, and Marketing.

Apple also offers employment opportunities and internships for students in California, as well as various other locations within the U.S. Fields that you can explore are not only limited to hardware and software, but also marketing, product design, machine learning, engineering, and more.

2. Google

Next up on our list of tech companies hiring now in California is Google. One of the top tech companies in the world, Google currently has over 1,900 open positions in California, most of which are full-time positions.

In addition, Google also offers some temporary and part-time positions, along with some great internship opportunities for Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. students, as well as recent graduates.

The requirements are job-dependent, most positions requiring a bachelor’s degree in the field applied for, or equivalent practical experience. Depending on the role, experience requirements range from 1 to 10+ years.

Internships are offered to BA, MA, and Ph.D. students pursuing studies in computer science, software engineering, MBA, statistics, biostatistics, economics, linguistics, applied mathematics, operations research, natural sciences, or in a related technical field.

3. Salesforce

The all-around software company headquartered in San Francisco, Salesforce lands third on our list of top tech companies hiring now in California, and rightfully so.

They are currently hiring over 1,000 employees in the Golden state. In addition, they also have approximately 500 open positions for working remotely in California!

If you’re searching for a job in the category of Products and Technology, Sales or Customer Success, you’ll find over 700 jobs in those categories at Salesforce.

However, there are plenty more opportunities in 21 other categories, so feel free to explore all that Salesforce has to offer.


If you’re into gaming and great graphics with an aspiring career in tech, perhaps NVIDIA is the place where you could consider applying for a job.

NVIDIA has over 900 exciting full-time job opportunities in California that you can explore, primarily in engineering, marketing and sales.

This company also takes the employment of students and recent grads seriously, with over 100 open internship positions for university students, and over 70 entry-level jobs for new college graduates.

5. Oracle

Oracle, the multinational computer technology corporation, has over 900 open jobs in California at the moment.

Most job openings in California are in Product Development (600+) but you will also find plenty of opportunities in Sales and Pre Sales, Business Practice and Operations, as well as in IT.

Browse through their opportunities and maybe you’ll find just the right position for yourself!

6. Intel

Yes, of course, Intel was going to find its way onto our list of tech companies hiring now in California! After all, it is the world’s largest manufacturer of chips and microprocessors.

Most PCs have an Intel processor in them, yours included. And when it comes to job vacancies, they also offer more than 800 job opportunities in California alone.

Intel is mostly looking to hire experienced talent, but they have plenty of entry-level jobs based in California as well. Over 500 job openings are jobs in Engineering, followed by jobs specifically meant for students who wish to do an internship or are looking to start their career at Intel.

7. Cisco Systems

It should come as no surprise that Cisco Systems is one of the top tech companies hiring now in California.

Apply for one of the 750+ job openings they have for experienced professionals, as well as students, new graduates, and those looking for an apprenticeship.

8. Qualcomm

Qualcomm is best known for the products, services, and software it develops in relation to wireless technology and they are currently offering jobs in California.

They have approximately 700 job openings in California currently, most of which are at their headquarters in San Diego. But don’t worry, they also have job vacancies in Santa Clara, San Jose, Raleigh, Boxborough, and Irvine.

Most jobs are open for people working in IT and Sales, but you’ll find job vacancies in the Legal, Finance, HR, and Administrative fields as well.

9. ServiceNow

ServiceNow also found its place on our list of the top tech companies hiring now in California. ServiceNow offers smart digital workflow solutions for companies through a cloud platform. Their focus is B2B, and they offer tons of job opportunities for pretty much any field you might be interested in.

They currently have ~650 open jobs in California including opportunities in Engineering, Infrastructure, and Operations, IT, Sales, Product, Professional Services, Marketing, and more, with a special section dedicated to those early in their careers.

10. Adobe

Adobe has been around since the 80s and has since become one of the top computer software companies. So it will not come as a surprise that Adobe is on our list as one of the companies hiring now in California.

Adobe currently has over 500 job openings in the Golden State, including remote opportunities. All jobs are full-time and primarily in engineering, sales, finance, and marketing.

The company is also dedicated to helping university students and graduates find work by offering internships, full-time opportunities, and special career programs to get you started in your professional career.

BONUS! We know we promised a list of 10 tech companies hiring now in California, but we thought we’d also throw in a special bonus:

11. Intuit

We couldn’t end this list without mentioning the tech giant Intuit. Intuit specializes in financial software and currently offers around 450 jobs in California.

Most of their open positions are within the fields of Software Engineering, Marketing, Project and Program Management, and Product Management, among others.

They also have a few jobs for students and new college grads.

This wraps up our list of the Top 10 Tech Companies Hiring Now in California. Here at Big Interview, we are dedicated to helping you in your job search, so make sure to check out our additional free resources. In case you’re looking outside California, here’s a list of the top US cities for finding a job. Happy job hunting!

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