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The 50 Best Job Search Sites You Need to Know About

You already know that Big Interview has you covered when it comes to learning how to ace your job interviews. But what if you're having trouble actually finding great opportunities and landing those interviews?
The 50 Best Job Search Sites You Need to Know About

We asked Elizabeth Magill to evaluate all of the job search sites out there to determine which ones can really help you. Follow this guide to expand your job search, get a list of the best job search sites, and uncover a wealth of new job leads (and tools to get you noticed when applying).

Don’t you wish there was an easier way to land your dream job? From crafting the perfect cover letter and resume, to finding the best-fit niche jobs to apply for, to acing the big interview, to using social media to your advantage, there’s a whole heck of a lot that goes into searching for a job.

Fortunately, you can use a number of job search websites, tools, and apps to make the hunt for your perfect job easier.

Here are 50 of the best job search sites, apps, and tools:

Best Job Search Sites: Niche Industries

Industry-specific job search websites help you focus your efforts on the field in which you’d like to work. These sites are outstanding in their respective niches.

1) Dice.com

Dice is a site dedicated to tech industry jobs. In addition to a robust database of available jobs in the information technology industry, it offers a wide range of articles with tips and advice on landing a job in the IT field.

You can search approximately 80,000 jobs posted on Dice.com according to skills, job titles, location, type of employment (full-time, part-time, contract, third party, etc.), or by specific company names. Dice.com has an Alexa rank of 2,532 in the U.S. as of November 2021.

2) Crunchboard.com

CrunchBoard.com provides another admirable spot for people interested in working in the tech industry to search for jobs in the field.

The board is powered by JobBoard.io and is affiliated with start-up companies and investors. It has become the “leading statistical resource” for tech companies. The jobs posted here are likely to appeal to regular site visitors.

While the board focuses mainly on tech positions, you may also find jobs here in sales and marketing, customer service, and business operations – mainly in tech-based businesses.

3) eFinancialCareers.com

Next on the list of best job search sites is eFinancialCareers, featuring over 17,000 jobs in banking, finance, and insurance. For financial professionals seeking positions in investment banking, asset management, trading, auditing, risk management, and securities, this is a go-to website for you. The job search website also provides job market news and salary survey information.

4) HealthcareJobsite.com

Offering more than 100,000 healthcare jobs throughout the U.S., HealthcareJobsite.com is one of the best job search sites you can use if you are looking to build a career in the healthcare industry.

One unique advantage the site offers is an online career portfolio option that healthcare professionals can use to build and showcase their portfolios. Jobs are available for a wide range of healthcare workers including CNAs, RNs, lab personnel, and more.

5) JobsInLogistics.com

Logistics is big business these days, and now is an exciting time to begin a career in this field. With the “most extensive database of logistics resumes” online, JobsInLogistics.com helps job seekers find careers in logistics, transportation, supply chain, purchasing, distribution, manufacturing, warehousing, freight forwarding, and inventory management. It also provides a weekly alert for dispatchers.

6) Mediabistro.com

Mediabistro.com offers jobs in all things media, from communications coordinators to editor and social media positions. Mediabistro.com has a lot to offer anyone wanting to break into media and/or communications.

They offer services to help you rewrite your resume and members also receive access to expert webinars, online courses, pitching resources, and unique networking opportunities.

Featured employers with medicabistro.com include HBO, Bloomberg, Penguin Random House, and more.

7) JournalismJobs.com

One of the best job search sites dedicated to media jobs, JournalismJobs.com offers over 600 journalism jobs around the world. In addition to traditional employment opportunities, you can find freelance work, temporary jobs, and internships as well as other diverse jobs in the journalism industry.

8) TechCareers.com

While not as widely known as some of the other tech industry job search sites, TechCareers.com offers nearly 90,000 tech and engineering jobs, as well as the ability to create your own career portfolio to attract interested businesses and recruiters.

9) Idealist.com

People interested in building careers helping others will certainly want to take a moment to check out Idealist.com. This is one of the best job search sites for nonprofit organizations and includes jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities. You can search by job type, keyword, skill, or interest, and you can also specify the location.

Additionally, you can browse grad school opportunities, as well as become part of mutual aid groups – a chance for communities to connect, both online and in person, support each other, and share resources in this difficult time.

In addition to the jobs and groups available at Idealist.com, there are also articles on their blog on career advice, grad school and volunteer resources, and ideas for action. Signing up for their newsletter will get you a daily list of opportunities suitable for your interests and location.

10) StackOverflow.com

StackOverflow, winner of “The Best of the Internet” Webby Award, among several other awards, is one of the best job search sites for talented computer programmers, engineers, and developers looking for new opportunities or for career advancement.

11) USAJobs.gov

From Department of Transportation jobs to Department of Veteran Affairs, the U.S. government’s official website for jobs is USAJobs.gov. Job seekers interested in federal jobs can apply online and learn about eligibility, pay, and benefits.

12) Behance.com

Behance is an awesome community for creative professionals and a great place to “discover your next career move,” and find creative gigs (permanent and freelance) as well as internships. Members also have access to useful tools to showcase their portfolios online and connect with others in their field.

13) IEEEJob Site

IEEE not only offers a large searchable database of available jobs in tech and engineering, it also provides IEEE members tools such as ResumeLab for building your resume, a mentoring program, and a salary calculator.

You also gain access to Collabratec, a platform to network and collaborate with other IEEE members and technology experts. This all-around job search website is a source of up-to-date career news and advice, and includes a newsletter subscription for career alerts.

14) VentureBeat.com

VentureBeat is devoted to technology innovation news and their job board follows suit with a wide range of tech-industry jobs. They have partnered with Jobbio and created a digital careers marketplace to provide job opportunities for their 12 million monthly readers.

VentureBeat also offers quality job search resources including exciting current job openings and job search tips.

15) Mashable.com

Mashable is the ultimate source of social media news and views. They also have an excellent job board with lots of digital and social media gigs and tools to help you create a digital resume.

Top employers on Mashable.com include Fearless Media, Yelp, Hayes Management Consulting, The Gary Stock Company, The Fly, and The Mx Group, among others.

16) Angel.co

Interested in working at a startup company? Then AngelList is the platform to explore. It is the best job search site and hiring platform for startups of all sizes. There are more than 130,000+ tech & startup jobs at the moment for you to apply for.

You can explore exciting job opportunities filtered by job categories, job role, and location (including remote jobs) from early-stage startups to industry leaders and Silicon Valley giants.

Over 100,000 startups, including ones like Twitch and Stripe have hired talent through AngelList, so it’s definitely worth checking out!

17) Lawjobs.com

Being one of the best job search sites for legal professionals, Lawjobs.com is a great platform to explore and find jobs in Fortune 1000 companies and AmLaw 200 firms. Their network directly communicates with industry leaders and gives you the opportunity to connect with organizations and professionals across the globe.

You can either actively search for a job based on keywords, location, practices, and job categories, or submit your resume to connect with potential employers.

In addition to being a fantastic law job search website, they also have an up-to-date career insights blog that is worth checking out.

Now that you’ve explored the best industry or niche-specific job search websites, it’s time to explore those that offer more flexible employment opportunities.

Best Job Search Sites for Telecommuting:  Flexible Jobs, Freelance, and Part-Time Work

The beauty of today’s job market is that there really is something for nearly every kind of worker. Not everyone is destined for the traditional nine-to-five lifestyle, or working from an office. If you’re among those who aren’t, there are job search websites designed just for you.

(Keep in mind that many of the industry job boards above and general job boards below also list freelance, remote, and contract opportunities).

18) SnagaJob.com

One of the best job search sites out there for flexible working hours is SnagaJob.com. It is “America’s #1 hourly work marketplace,” and offers a wide range of jobs in various industries for hourly work, including seasonal, part-time, full-time jobs, as well as career opportunities for teens. SnagaJob.com has an Alexa rank of 4,505 as of November 2021.

SnagaJobs.com prides itself on making the application and recruitment process as easy as possible. All you need to do is create a free profile, which doubles as your resume and application, so you can easily apply for jobs or be scouted by employers.

19) FlexJobs.com

Anyone looking for freelance work, remote work, and part-time jobs will benefit from taking a look at the opportunities available on FlexJobs.com. This job search website provides researched opportunities, advice, and other benefits for members who have the option of paying monthly, quarterly, or annually for their memberships.

They also host events and webinars for job searchers on topics like salary negotiation, career advice, cover letter writing, and other useful skills.

20) Upwork.com

If you’re serious about building a freelance career, then you need to check out Upwork, the “world’s work marketplace that connects businesses with independent talent.”

On Upwork, you can find contract opportunities for nearly all areas of expertise and manage all aspects of your freelance career from organizing your projects and tracking your hours, to building portfolios and proficiency tests to prove your value within the online workspace.

21) Freelancer.com

Just like Upwork, Freelancer is also one of the best job search sites out there for your freelance career. It is, in fact, the world’s largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace, connecting over 56 million employers and freelancers from almost 250 countries.

Once you sign up, you gain access to a colossal number of freelance job opportunities, as well as exposure to employers and potential clients. If freelancing is your passion, freelancer.com is one of the top sites for you to start building your career.

22) Fiverr.com

Fiverr.com also earned its place on our list of the top 50 best job search sites, and rightfully so. It is a freelancing platform connecting freelancers offering high-quality services with clients.

The gig opportunities are practically endless in these 9 categories:

  • Graphics & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Business
  • Lifestyle
  • Data

Best General Job Search Sites

Specialized jobs are all well and good, but sometimes it helps to widen the search, and the big job boards can work well for that.

We don’t recommend limiting your search to only these job search engines (it’s definitely harder to stand out when you’re a faceless resume among thousands, plus there are a lot of job scams). However, people DO get jobs this way and the boards are also useful for researching the types of positions out there in your profession.

You’ll find that there is some overlap (the same jobs showing up on multiple boards) and it would probably be a full-time job to visit ALL of them on a regular basis. However, you can easily set up email alerts to stay in the loop with the job sites that seem to have the most listings related to your search.

23) Indeed.com

Indeed.com is, hands down, the best job search engine in the world, with 10 jobs added every second. You read that right. The number of job ads they offer is certainly impressive, so it should come as no surprise that it is one of the most visited sites on the web today, receiving more than 250 million unique visitors each month.

What makes Indeed.com unique is that it behaves like a search engine for jobs, allowing you to widen or narrow your search until it’s just right for you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with where to look, Indeed is an excellent place to start.

24) Glassdoor.com

This website boasts an Alexa rank of 115 among U.S. audiences. In addition to offering a job search feature with 11 million jobs posted so far, Glassdoor.com also offers salary information and has over 45 million company reviews from employees. Honestly, the company research feature alone makes Glassdoor.com worth a visit, and in some cases, it is probably even more useful than the actual job board.

25) Monster.com

Monster.com “is a global leader in connecting people and jobs.” It is one of the most visited and recognized job search websites worldwide, offering almost half a million jobs to visitors at any given time. Monster.com has been around for a long time and is worth checking out during your job search process.

Monster also has an app that allows users to leverage the power of Facebook connections to aid in their job searches. It works much like LinkedIn, using Monster and Facebook to accomplish the same connections.

26) CareerBuilder.com

Operating in 23 countries outside the U.S., CareerBuilder.com remains one of the best job search sites on the web today, connecting hundreds of thousands of employers with millions of job seekers.

The platform allows users the opportunity to post their resumes and be approached by employers, as well as to conduct their own active job search and save those jobs and searches.

27) SimplyHired.com

Offering over five million jobs and growing every day, SimplyHired.com has a wide range of offerings from entry-level work to high-tech. It also offers charts depicting industry, occupation, and geographic trends.

28) TheLadders.com

Originally launched as a site that specialized in employment for executives earning $100,000 or more per year, the site has expanded its services to all professional jobs, representing over 25,000 verified recruiters.

Sign up, create a Ladders Resume, and apply to one (or more) of the 250,000+ screened jobs in “just two clicks.”

29) Craigslist.org

This site offers more than the ability to buy and sell things. It offers jobs categorized by specialty in large and not-so-large cities throughout the U.S. and around the world. With an Alexa ranking of 46 in the U.S., Craigslist.org is a high-traffic site that is popular with employers.

Any of these job search websites can work well for exploring the job market. However, it’s a mistake to rely exclusively (or even primarily) on job boards. Make sure you are leveraging your network and the power of social media for the best results.

30) Job.com

Job.com is yet another great job search website for you to check out. Job.com endeavors to be the place where you can jumpstart your career with a simple job search resulting in your dream career path. You can search for jobs in a variety of fields based on job role, keyword, city, state, or zip.

31) Getwork.com

Getwork.com prides itself on providing job searchers with verified opportunities. This means the jobs on their site are the most accurate and up-to-date job listings on the market.

Getwork verifies every single company and monitors tens of thousands of other job search sites daily to ensure all the listings are accurate to the minute.

Moreover, since Getwork wants you to be able to apply fast, there is no sign-up or profile creation required. You can just jump right in and search for high-quality job listings right away.

32) Hired.com
Hired partners with more than ten thousand companies, like Dropbox, Zopa, BetterUp and others and connects job seekers with employers in 17 cities in the U.S., U.K., and Ireland. They provide job opportunities for more than 50 roles.

Hired is also big on altering traditional job searching, flipping it around and letting companies apply to interview you based on your profile.

33) ZipRecruiter.com

One of the best job search sites out there for you to explore employment opportunities is ZipRecruiter.com. This job search engine has over 9 million jobs available at any given time, and, as they state, “it is the only site you’ll need to find your next job.”

As more and more job search websites try to shorten the application process, ZipRecruiter also makes it super quick and easy to apply for jobs. All you need to do is upload your resume and apply for jobs in just one click.

They also have an app, which was rated as the top job search app as of February 2021, so we definitely think that you should check out ZipRecruiter.com while you’re on the job hunt.

34) Jooble.org

Jooble.org is another great job search engine out there for job seekers. The main website is aimed at people looking for employment in the USA (and if you need a list, here are the top US cities for finding a job).

The site currently has close to 700,000 job vacancies from 21,310 sites around the country. You can search for opportunities in more than 60 regions by city or job title.

However, Jooble also has child sites in 71 other countries, so there is no shortage of job opportunities for you to explore outside of the US.

Best Social Media Sites for Job Search

Having an online presence as a brand today is an absolute must in order to reach a greater audience and increase brand awareness. Most businesses, big or small, are using social media not only as a means to grow their audience and nurture the community around their brand, but also as a means to attract talent and advertise job openings.

More and more employers are using social media platforms as a primary way of advertising job openings and connecting with candidates. Get savvy about social media websites and job search tools like the ones listed below.

35) LinkedIn.com

Being present on LinkedIn today is not merely a “good idea”, but it’s a necessity if you’re serious about building your career. With nearly 800 million members, it is a great platform for networking and showcasing your work, as well as exploring job opportunities, or being scouted by companies and recruiters.

When it comes to useful tools for your job search, it’s nearly impossible to beat LinkedIn.com. With a global Alexa rank of 49 and a U.S. rank of 21, this job search website is a go-to resource for employers — and needs to be one of the first places you check daily as you search for your new job.

36) CareerArc.com

There are tons of companies using TweetMyJobs.com CareerArc to get the word out about job openings acquire top talent today. The simplicity and viral nature of the platform combine to make it a powerful recruiting tools for businesses and job seekers savvy enough to use this medium in their searches.

What makes CareerArct unique is that it is the only social recruiting platform that provides brands with the social media reach, frequency, and scale they need to attract and hire top talent.

37) Facebook.com

Facebook is yet another great place to search for jobs. Try looking up various groups that match your interests and the field you are trying to land a job in and get engaged.

Many people who are already working for a client or company post job listings on their behalf, so it’s not only an excellent way to find opportunities, but you can also make connections and expand your professional network with like-minded individuals working in your field.

38) Instagram.com

Instagram is a popular social platform among nearly everyone, including brands and companies, and rightfully so. Having around 1.4 billion users, 70% of those users being under the age of 35, it is the perfect place for scouting talent and creating sponsored job listing stories and posts that job seekers can apply to.

Also, by being a photo and video-sharing platform, it gives creatives a space to showcase their portfolio and be approached by brands for work.

Of course, not only creatives benefit from being present on Instagram, as there are plenty of job opportunities in various fields posted every day that you can actively search for, or just stumble upon while scrolling through your feed.

39) Twitter.com

Twitter is another social media platform that can serve as a means for companies to advertise job openings. What is neat about finding job listings on Twitter is that you, as a job seeker, get to communicate directly with hiring managers and the brands themselves before submitting your resume. The whole job search process is quite relaxed, and you can find interesting job opportunities on the go.

Social media job searches let employers know you’re in touch with technology and a forward-thinking employee. But if you’re just getting started in the professional world, you need to consider sites designed for students and entry-level positions.

Best Job Search Sites For Students and Recent College Graduates

Getting started is sometimes the hardest part. Finding that first job in a sea of applicants as a college student, recent graduate, or someone with no experience can be tough. Job search sites for students and recent grads like these below, match students with companies that are looking for the fresh perspective you bring to the table.

40) CollegeRecruiter.com

Designed for students and recent grads alike, this is one of the best job search sites to get you started as a fresh job seeker. It offers a wide range of options from internships, to part-time, seasonal, or entry-level career positions. In addition, it offers practical benefits like a resume builder tool, a ton of articles, “The Recruitment Flex” podcast, and videos on a variety of topics, like recruitment, job search tips, interviewing, networking, and more.

41) Internships.com

Students looking for internship positions need to look no further than Internships.com. They feature internship positions in all 50 states.

You can browse through the internship opportunities by category, location, or company. Each one has open internship positions ranging from a few hundred open positions to thousands, depending on the location and category you select.

Internships.com has even been listed as one of Forbes Top 10 Career Websites, so it is definitely worth checking out!

42) Scouted.io

Scouted.io’s tagline is “Don’t get hired. Get Scouted.” This perfectly illustrates their mission – to match candidates with companies and give you the opportunity to showcase your talents, abilities and potential, alongside your resume.

This job search website is designed for early to mid-career candidates with 0-15 years of professional experience in non-technical roles to find jobs at companies, from startups to Fortune 500 firms.

43) Coolworks.com

Coolworks is a unique job search site as it features job opportunities in “great places.” It is catered towards those who are seeking meaningful and exciting work and want to discover, work, and live in amazing places.

If you love to travel, enjoy the outdoors, and want to have a unique work experience, make sure you browse through the opportunities at Coolwork.com You can find jobs at national parks, dude ranches, summer camps, ski resorts, and other unique places.

44) AfterCollege.com

AfterCollege is another great AI-powered job search website for you to find entry-level jobs and internships.

The search engine helps you curate your job search by prompting you to enter the school you’ve studied at, your major, and graduation month and year. The AI tool will generate a list of jobs and internships that best fit you and your interests.

The website works with 25,000 companies and currently has over 400,000 job and internship listings.

Getting started in your job search isn’t nearly as hard with job search sites like these devoted to entry-level and internship positions. Now it’s time to explore job search tools and apps that will help you take your search on the road.

Best Job Search Apps and Tools

Every job seeker needs tools in their job search toolbox. Whether it’s using an interviewing practice tool or tapping into an app to find those hidden open jobs, they make your job search not only easier, but more successful.

Job search apps, for example, are the hottest new tools to have in your job search arsenal. They help you make your job search portable, so that you’re not chained to your computer in your search for the perfect job.

Most of the job search websites on this list have their own apps as well, so be sure to check them out when visiting the websites. However, we’ve compiled a list of additional great job search apps and tools below.

45) Good&Co

Good&Co is an app and online tool that uses scientific psychological testing to match a person to a potential workplace. It gives both job seekers and companies insights to help them better understand themselves and their employees. This way, job searchers can find jobs that fit them as the people they are, and not just their skillset.

The algorithm was developed by Dr. Kerry Schofield, Good&Co’s co-founder and Chief Psychometrician, and is based on “psychobiological frameworks of personality, rooted in neuroscience and behavioral genetics.”

It’s a completely new way of looking for a job, and we think it’s definitely worth checking out.

46) Hidden.io

The Hidden App is an all-in-one job search app that shares only your CV and skillset with recruiters, and nothing else. It shares your profile anonymously, in order to eliminate any unconscious bias from the hiring process.

You also get assigned a “Candidate Success Manager” who helps you build your profile and learn more about companies. The Hidden App basically lets you gain backstage access to jobs and companies that are exclusive to Hidden.

47) Planted.com

Planted is a “talent community”. It is exclusively a job search app meant for non-technical professionals to find and apply for jobs, or let companies come to them.

The app has a nifty feature where it delivers a batch of curated jobs for you on a daily basis, which makes your job search so much easier. And the best part – you can browse and apply for jobs no matter where you are, since everything you need is a few clicks away on your phone.

48) Payscale.com

Payscale provides users the ability to research and compare marketplace salaries and benefits categorized by such areas as experience, city, and skill. In some cases, salary information is available by employer.

49) Evernote

Evernote is an amazing tool for your job search and the rest of your life too! It’s a great app for tracking all of your research and projects in one place with handy productivity tools built in.

50) BLS.gov

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is a government-operated website that collects, analyzes, and distributes current and forecasted employment information by occupation, geographic area, and more. It publishes the free Occupational Outlook Handbook, which provides job search tips, information on the job market by state, and more.

BONUS) Big InterviewLast but certainly not least, job seekers can benefit from all of Big Interview’s resources to shine in job interviews — including the webcam practice interview tool, fast-track video training curriculum, and interview question library.

Been looking for a job for some time now? Here are tips on how to stay positive during a job search.

In Summary

With these 50 top job search sites, tools, and apps at your beck and call, you have a much clearer path to landing the job of your dreams. Pick the ones most relevant to your search strategies and apply them today to optimize your job search and find your next amazing opportunity.

What have we missed? What other best job search sites do you feel are worth using?

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