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Welcome to Big Interview Student Guide!

Read on for everything you need to know to start improving your interview skills.

What you’ll need

On Web

An updated version of Google Chrome or Firefox (not compatible with Internet Explorer)

A working webcam and microphone

On Mobile

A smartphone with the Big Interview app


Go to your school’s Big Interview page (e.g. https:// and click “Register”
Enter your name, school email address, and preferred password.
Click “Create My Account”
Click “Login” and enter your credentials
If you have any issues logging, in, please contact your school administrator or [email protected]


When you log in, you will see a dashboard where you can watch our overview videos for an introduction to the platform.

On the Dashboard you will also be presented with recommended learning tracks and practice tools.


The Big Interview video and written curriculum tracks can be found in the Learn section. You will see two main learning paths: The Fast Track and The Mastery Track. Both of these tracks offer general advice and information that is applicable to most jobseekers or new graduates.

The Fast Track is intended for users who have an interview coming up in the next few days or don’t have a lot of time to prepare. It takes about an hour and a half to complete. The Mastery Track covers more in-depth content for more competitive/difficult interviews.

Both tracks have videos lessons, practice questions, and quizzes to help you retain your knowledge. You can always watch lessons a la carte, so feel free to skip around and watch the lessons that are most relevant to you.

We offer certificates of completion for the Fast Track, Mastery Track, Negotiation, and Resume modules. You can access these certificates by clicking on the “Certificates” tab.


To access our Practice tools, click on the Practice tab. We have four different tools in this area: Practice Interviews, Answer Builder, Interview Roulette, and the Question Library. Feel free to try them all out, but we encourage you to start with Practice Interviews.

When you click on the Practice Interviews area, you will see six interview categories to choose from. We recommend that you start with General Practice as these practice interviews will cover 80% of questions that come up in actual interviews.

Inside the General interview section, you will be able to select an interview and a difficulty level to practice.

Before you get started, make sure you set your webcam and microphone permissions to allow access to Big Interview. If your organization has enabled our premium AI feature, you will go through the steps to calibrate your eye contact.

Once you start an interview, you will watch a short video of the interviewer asking a question, then it will be your turn. If you need help with a question, click on our Tips button.

Make sure you save your final answer before you move on to the next question! If you make a mistake, just hit re-record and try again.

AI Feedback (If Applicable)

Our AI Feedback feature is a great way to improve your interviewing skills and pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. When you save a video, our AI will process your video and then offer you immediate feedback on key behaviors and coaching on how to improve.

To try out our AI Feedback too, first open any practice interview in the Practice area. Read the instructions on the next screen and then click Continue to Eye Tracking Calibration. To get the best results with AI feedback, you will need to calibrate your eye movement. Follow the steps on the next few screens. When you finish the eye calibration process, you are ready to record your videos!

Next, continue with your practice interview and record your answers. Make sure each answer is at least 30 seconds long if you want AI feedback. When you finish recording and saving your videos, you will be able to access your AI feedback in the MY VIDEOS tab. It may take a few minutes for your AI score to process. When it is ready, you will see a bronze, silver, or gold medal next to your answer, depending on how well you scored. Click on the medal to see your feedback.

You will get feedback on eye contact, use of “ums” and other filler words, vocabulary, tone, rate of speech, and more.

Click on “My Action Plan” to see a customized action plan that summarizes all of your scores and provides guidance on where you can improve and exactly how to get started.

My Videos

Practice interview videos will be saved to the My Videos Section. This is where you can manage, share, and self-review your videos. If you have AI feedback, you will be able to access your score and custom action plan in the My Videos section as well.

To share videos with friends, mentors, or teachers for review just select the videos you wish to share and then click the blue Share button. You can share videos by email or generate a link.

My Resume (If Applicable)

The My Resume area includes our Resume Curriculum and our Resume Builder. If you need guidance and advice on how to create your resume, review the Resume Curriculum prior to building your resume.

When you are ready to begin, click “Build a Resume.” First, tell us if you’d like to highlight your Education or Experience. If you are a student, in most cases you’ll want to highlight your Education.

We’ll guide you through entering your information for each section. As you work, you will see tips and links to video lessons to help with each section. Feel free to skip sections that don’t apply to your situation (projects, certifications, skills, etc.).

In the Look And Feel section, you will have a chance to choose a theme, re-order sections, and modify the font size and line height. Once you have saved your resume, you’ll be able to make changes or duplicate.


The Assignments tool allows instructors and counselors to assign work in Big Interview. To get started, you can click on the “Assignments” tab, enter the code provided to you, and click “GO.” You may see a pop-up with additional instructions.

Assignments follow a similar process to practice interviews. Make sure and save your answers. You will see a green check mark next to each question that has a saved answer. In the top right corner of the video, you will see icons that represent your time and take limits (if applicable).

When you have a saved answer to each question, click “Submit.”

Next, you will have the ability to review your video and
re-record if you haven’t reached your take limit. If you are out of takes, you will see “No Takes Available” and will not be able to re-record. When you are ready, submit your final answer. Once submitted, your assignment will be available for your instructor to review. When reviews are available, you can find them by going to the Assignment section and looking under the Submitted tab.

If you experience any technical difficulties during your assignment, we recommend switching to the mobile app.

Enjoy Big Interview.
We’re here to help.

If you need additional support, please email [email protected] or submit a ticket using the blue Help widget on the bottom right of your screen.