Interview – Ben Brooks | Executive Coach + Co-founder PILOT

Interview with Ben Brooks, co-founder of PILOT ( – a tech startup that helps employers retain their best people.

Ben discusses:

  • Why the best time to work on your career is when you’re not looking for a job.
  • Why using your professional skills outside of your company is critical.
  • What role your digital footprint has on reinforcing your career
  • Why you should invest in your own development and advancement.

Ben’s list of recommended books:

Ben’s LinkedIn

Ben’s Twitter

About PILOT:

PILOT is an NYC-based tech startup focused on helping managers retain their best people. The market is flooded with tools and technologies that tell managers their staff is unhappy or disengaged but there are few tools that help them address that practically and powerfully.

Leveraging on-demand and engaging technology, PILOT mimics working with an executive career coach by fusing process and content together into an action-oriented and insightful digital experience.

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